Ref. B66953130

USB stick, Black Edition

Store your data securely and in style! This black polycarbonate USB flash drive with Swarovski® Crystal Fine Rocks adds a touch of class and features a stainless steel Mercedes star for an eye-catching look. The drive has a capacity of 16 GB, offering plenty of space for documents or multimedia files. The handy, lightweight USB flash drive is compatible with PC and Mac® and can therefore be used with all standard operating systems.

- Colour: black
- Material: polycarbonate/metal
- Dimensions: approx. 2 x 6 x 1 cm
- Weight: approx. 33 g
- Capacity: 16 GB
- USB 2.0
- finished with Swarovski® Crystal Fine Rocks
- Compatible with all standard operating systems

Mercedes-Benz has entered into partnership with Swarovski®, one of the most successful and exclusive jewellery producers. This product is "Made for Mercedes-Benz by Swarovski®".
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