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Ref. B66958462

Laptop bag, X'Blade

Practical and flexible: the X'Blade laptop bag. This robust, highly impact-resistant bag offers plenty of space, with a large main compartment featuring a removable compartment for laptops up to 40.6 cm (16 inches), an expandable front compartment and an outer compartment with practical organisation features inside. For ease of transport the bag has two carrying handles, a detachable shoulder strap and a smart sleeve which can be slid over the towbar of a trolley suitcase.

- Colour: black
- Material: 98% polyester/2% polyurethane
- Dimensions: approx. 44 x 14/17 x 32 cm
- capacity: approx. 18/21.5 l
- Weight: approx. 1.3 kg
- with 3D star logo stud on front
- by Samsonite for Mercedes-Benz
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